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Recovery Care for Cosmetic surgery in Miami

recovering from plastic surgery?

We provide custom care throughout your plastic surgery recovery. Our packages include: luxury care, transportation, gourmet meals, lymphatic massages, IV therapy and more.

We designed an aftercare program that would fit your cosmetic procedure so that you could recover quickly and get back to normal life as soon as possible.

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in-home care service

We are a Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach nursing concierge service dedicated to providing you with the best customer experience possible. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable throughout your healing journey.

Contract Nurses

Top board certified plastic surgeons highlight the importance of having a private nurse post surgery and the significant difference it makes for patients coming from out of town or in need of medical care.

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What is included in our Recovery Care Services?

Luxury care for cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgeries can be extremely rewarding, but they’re not always easy. Our cosmetic surgery healing packages include everything needed for your personal assistance throughout your recovery.

At A1Body Concierge, skilled post-operative nursing care is provided to help all patients get the most from their cosmetic procedure.

Recovery Care Transportation

We work with a third-party transportation company that specializes in non-medical post-operative transportation. Please make sure to communicate prior to booking, and we will add the service to your package. Our care team is there to help you with as little discomfort as possible.

Recovery Care Packing Assistance

When you are discharged from the clinic it can be easy to forget something important like medications, eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc. Don’t worry, we will make sure that everything you need is ready for your when you get to our luxury facility.

Recovery Care Medication Management

No need to worry about getting your medication! Our team will take care of seeing that your prescriptions are filled and picked up. We will take inventory of all your medications and write down how many pills you take each day: Whether you use over-the-counter medication such as pain relievers, or allergy relief products.

Recovery Care Meal Preparation

The best way to ensure that you are getting enough nutrients during your recovery is to make sure that you eat well throughout the day. Your care providers will help you prepare healthy meals while you recover. They will buy groceries for you and will even cook your favorite foods and bring them to you.

After your liposuction procedure, you may notice some discoloration and swelling around the area where the treatment was performed. We understand how important it is to get back to work and enjoy life as soon as possible. That’s why we offer 24/7 nurse services to assist you during recovery.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality mommy makeover care at an affordable price. Our aftercare nursery staff assesses and manages all facets of patient’s postoperative care including but not limited to: managing post-op discomfort, draining tubes, changing wound dressing, application of cold/heat packs or compression garments, and updating prescription orders.

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is one of the most popular procedures for women who want to shape their bodies and take their curves to the next level. To get the very best results after undergoing this type of surgery, it’s important to treat yourself with care afterward. We offer IV therapy as a crucial element of your BBL recovery.

If you’re considering weight loss surgery, it’s important to choose a qualified surgeon and to plan for the post op recovery care that will be required. We offer comprehensive post-op care plans in Miami, designed to make your recovery as smooth and comfortable as possible.


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A1Body Concierge is operated and owned by two surgical intensive care unit registered nurses that are licensed by the state of Florida. Every staff member is trained in Advanced cardiac life support and basic life support.

Payments can be paid through Zelle or a wire transfer. The total balance must be paid seven days before receiving the service.

At this time, we do not accept health insurance.

A nonrefundable deposit of  $250 is required to book your service. If canceled with in 48 hours of booking a full refund will be issued. If the Client has paid for or any part of a planned service and the scheduled procedure/appointment is cancelled by the surgeon/physician, a full refund will be given back to the Client within 5 days of the cancellation. If the Client cancels the procedure/appointment on the date of service, there will be a 50% charge for cancellation under 24 hours prior to service date (if not cancelled by surgeon/physician).

If patient does not have their preferred lymphatic masseuse booked, we have a team of certified lymphatic massage therapist that can assist you during service. Please make sure to communicate the need of a masseuse prior to your stay, and we will add the service to your package.

We work with a third-party transportation service that specializes in non-medical post-operative transportation. Please make sure to communicate prior to booking, and we will add the service to your package.

All staff members are covid tested weekly to prevent any contagious spread of the COVID-19 virus. Every patient and employee must complete a daily mandatory Covid -19 screening. Every patient receiving service from A1Body Concierge must present a negative covid test, taken within (4) calendar days before service.

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